Our Staff

Imagine that you can provide your kids, all the time, with a:

> Nationally renowned nutritionist and author to ensure their food is balanced and adequate to their age

> Professional animator to teach them songs and games and help them play communicate

> Health care professional with decades of experience to make sure they are healthy and happy

All this is for a reasonable price and close to your home.
Stop imagining and come visit our center.


Our team will:

> Guide and support the children to develop their personal autonomy.

> Provide the space and material needed to be creative and learn by doing.

> Ensure the environment is clean, safe and peaceful.

> Offer Healthy and equilibrated food.

> Communicate well with their parents concerning their needs and their growth on a daily basis.

Working Hours

7:00 am - 5:00 pm
+961 71 855788
+961 4 927885


“Children have real understanding only of that which they invent themselves, and each time that we try to teach them something too quickly, we keep them from re-inventing it themselves,”
Jean Piaget